Our Story

The Bangladesh Australia Society of South Australia Incorporated (BASSA) is a non-political, non-profit socio-cultural organization established in 1984 by five pioneer Bangladeshi families live in Adelaide, South Australia. Since, then BASSA established itself as an integral part of the South Australia multicultural community representing Bangladeshi nationals or once nationals by promoting social, cultural, religious, and economic welfare. More than three decades BASSA has been a strong participant in South Australia’s multicultural events. 

Adelaide Bangla School is one of the many ways BASSA has actively promoted cultural diversity and harmony within and outside Bangladeshi community in the diverse Adelaide multicultural environments.

The BASSA is funded mainly through yearly membership subscriptions and occasional grants from the Government of South Australia. The Executive Committee (EC) is the sole administrator for BASSA activities elected biyearly amongst BASSA members.

The BASSA constitution was approved in 1984 and was amended recently in the General Meeting held on 27 March 2005.

BASSA’s main Objectives :


To enhance and promote the Bangladeshi culture and Bangla language among Australians in general and South Australia in particular and to cultivate the spirit of mutual understanding and co-operation between BASSA members and other communities in South Australia.


To act as a body to look after the need and interest of BASSA members in South Australia.


To liaise with Government bodies and agencies and other organizations for a better multicultural society in South Australia based on mutual interest and respect.


To promote and foster activities of national importance to Bangladesh.

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